Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Type A Personality Hard at Work

Yes I admit it. I am guilty as charged. I have been  a type A personality all my life. I need to be in control and have a plan at all times. I am the textbook over achiever, perfectionist, by the book type of person. I have always worried about everything and if by chance I had nothing to worry about then I worried that I was forgetting something. I have never been comfortable just getting by or flying by the seat of my pants. At least not until about 4 years ago when I first developed an onslaught of health issues following gallbladder surgery. Since then I have had to learn to adjust quite a bit. I can no longer plan everything down to the minute because I don't know how I will feel physically from one hour to the next.

That being said, I must admit old habits are very hard to break. I still need to feel in control. I have learned that making lists helps me quite a bit because if nothing else it gives me a sense of control over my time etc. Lists also seem to help stay on track better now because it I have written it down and I get exhausted or I have an exceptionally bad bout of pain and need to lie down then I can always come back to my list later and pick up where I left off. So I have decided to make a "list" for my blog to help me keep organized and hopefully post more regularly. Knowing what I am going to write about (sort of) ahead of time should allow me to make several posts when I feel well and save them as drafts. That way if I am having a bad day one day I should be able to still post with minimal effort by just publishing a previously written draft. I know, I know, I'm a genius (just kidding).

So here is the plan/schedule:
Meandering Mondays: Mondays will be a free day to pretty much talk about anything that I want to. I will probably post things such as tutorials, editorials like my post on Why Buy Handmade, things that are going on with my personal etsy shop and whatever else I feel needs to be said. LOL. See the definition and synonyms for meander below.

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
wander, zigzag


be all over the map, change, drift, extravagate, gallivant, get sidetracked, peregrinate, ramble, range, recoil, roam, rove, snake, stray, stroll, traipse, turn, twine, twist, vagabond, wind

Wordless Wednesdays: Wednesdays will be a photograph post. Just something pretty, interesting, scary, humorous, who knows the sky is the limit right?

Feature Fridays: Every Friday I will be featuring a fellow Etsy artist and their items.

I first considered posting every day but decided that may be more than I am able to do. So we shall start here and see how it goes. By the way I would like to thank all of the great folks who responded to my forum thread and posted comments to my previous blog entry helping me to brainstorm this new schedule. I appreciate all of you input. Hopefully, I will be able to get the new posting schedule up and running smoothly at least within the next couple of weeks. So thanks for listening. Catch ya later.

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Beadin By The Sea said...

It looks like your blog is shaping up nicely. I think it really does help to have a schedule even if you're not a Type A personality! I've been kicking around the idea of featuring an artist on Friday as well! Good luck with keeping to schedule!