Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Centered and Reoriented: I Need Your Help

I just checked in on my blog for the first time since my last post which was oh so long ago. I noticed right away that unfortunately I have lost a few followers during my unfortunate hiatus. I have been taking some time during the last couple of months to try to rest and re-center myself. As you know, if you have read any of my last 4 or 5 posts, my family has been dealing with some health issues involving my father. I am so glad to report that he is doing quite well now. His surgical site has healed very well so he is not currently requiring the extensive dressing changes and wound packings. They finally removed his temporary feeding tube that was in his nose and replaced it with a more permanent peg tube which has helped him to be more comfortable. He is slowly regaining strength and is trying to participate more in his own care and feeding. Now that he and my mom are both feeling more comfortable with his care, I have been able to return home. Now, I can provide my nursing services via telephone, which I do on average about once a day ;). (You know I love you mom and dad).

So now I am slowly trying to get back into my routine. I want to get the blog going again and I have been reading up on all of the Etsy storque and forum posts about blogging and improving blog content. So I am posting this evening to ask for your help. Just prior to my forced hiatus, I had developed a blog plan which I was attempting to incorporate. What I would like from you guys is suggestions.

What do you look for in the blogs you follow?
Why did you choose to follow MY blog?
Please help me out here guys. Help me to get my flow going again. I am open to all suggestions so let them rip.

Thanks so very much.