Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My goals for this blog

I have been thinking lately on how I can improve my blog and perhaps gain a greater fan base. I really want to give something back to the etsy community as well. As you all know I want to do some tutorials and have actually gotten one posted so far. The problem here is that I am afraid that tutorials would not be a sustainable topic, meaning I don't know if I could come up with enough of them to make it a weekly feature. So I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas and I would really love your input and help. So far I have thought of maybe this type of schedule:

My Life Mondays: Short posts about whats going on on the homefront. Glimpses into my home studio etc.

Tutorial Tuesdays?: This is still undecided if anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE leave me a comment. I'm begging.

_______ Wednesdays: This one is still open for suggestions.

________ Thursdays: Need suggestions help please

Feature Fridays:  Feature an etsy shop.

The weekends tend to be family time so I probably won't post at all on Sat. or Sun.
So please take a moment to leave me a comment with some suggestions. I'm begging. Thanks


Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Wow, thats lots of blogging you are planning

I know lots of people do a 'wordless wednesday' just put up a lovely foto for people to reflect on.
I thing tutorials could work - if you only do a little bit at a time then link them together in a final post - I have done something similar on my blog if you want a look - its on the how to needlefelt bit on the right

Jody said...

Whatever Wednesdays would be fun and easy on you as it could be something different every week - good place for giveaways as a giveaway a week is a lot.

Christie Cottage said...

I have a weekly schedule on my blog. It works for me. Only Monday - Friday.


mistyridge said...

Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions.
Ben Mcfuzzylugs your avatar looks like my little EJ. He is in a post titled Meet EJ you should check it out. Wordless Wednesday is a good idea.

Jody I like the idea of Whatever Wednesdays as well. Oh so many good suggestions and choices to make.

Christies going to check yours out now. Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

I am SO not disciplined enough to do a posting schedule. look at your Google Analytics, which you do have for your blog (right?), and see which posts/days get the most hits. Also, watch the search terms that get you hits.

Probably old news, I know. One of the best way to get followers is to follow/read other blogs and leave comments.

HOw about Tacky Thursday? Maybe Thrifty Thursday is a better suggestion. lol

mistyridge said...

Thanks for the advice Fresh. Yes I do have GA for my blog. I will definitely check those stats while I am going through all these changes to help see what works and what doesn't. I really like the Thrifty Thursday idea thats great.

HRT said...

Hi Misty.
I agree with Jody that perhaps Wednesdays could be "giveaway days." I've just participated in a giveaway whereby I donated a necklace as the giveaway and, in return, got 50 views for my shop. Obviously, the blogger who initiates the giveaway gets lots of views as well.

rubidoux said...

I was thinking about doing a weekly tutorial day on my blog, but have the same problem that I may not have so many tutes in me. So, I'm planning on doing my own maybe once a month and then once or twice a month blogging something I've made from someone else's tutorial and then if I can't fit in either of those on a given week, I'll do a post on 2 or 3 tutes I'm hoping to get to.

I've been keeping a list of all the cool tutorials I can find in my area, which is sewing for little boys and offshoots.

mistyridge said...

HRT I want to do some blog giveaways if I can find people to participate. I already have a few lined up. I think I will include them on Mondays. Either once or twice a month if possible.

I know exactly what you mean Rubidoux. I just don't think that there are enough tutorials for that to be a regular feature.