Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you

I am so excited by the wonderful response I have gotten from all of my fellow etsians. You all are just wonderful. So far everyone that I have contacted has been willing to participate in my weekly artist feature. I have lined up some great shops for you all to look at and wonderful artisans for you all to meet. I have sent out several questionnaires and will be beginning the features as soon as I get some of them back. I will be sure to post here and let you all know ahead of time when the features will officially begin.

I have also decided to host some blog giveaways and have had a great response to that as well. So make sure you check back often to get the latest information on the giveaways and to enter to win some really nice free stuff. As of right now the giveaways will be included in the Meandering Mondays posts. I am not sure about the frequency yet it all just depends on how many more shops show interest. I hope that the interest in this feature will really take off and I will have enough contributors to do at least one a month. Ideally I would like to do two per month but that may just be a dream.  If you are a shop owner and would like to participate in the giveaway by donating an item please contact me and I will forward you all of the information. I am not asking that you send anything to me for the giveaway, rather I will notify you of the winner and it will be your responsibility to mail the item to the recipient. I think that the way I am planning to conduct the giveaways will be a great promotional opportunity for your shop. So please consider it and let me know if you are interested. The best way to contact me is via etsy convo.

Guess that is all for now. Catch ya later.

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Jack's WoodArt said...

Thanks for sharing, Heather. You are wonderful!!!