Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updated info on the Etsy NASA Space Craft Contest

Well wonders never cease. LOL. Hi all I just found out that I am getting another chance at the NASA Etsy space craft contest. Apparently there were some technical issues with the previous judging and voting process. You can see what Etsy has to say about what happened at this link if you're interested


I would really appreciate it if you all could possibly take a minute to go vote for my rocket nite lite. It is very important that you be a registered member of Etsy.com in order to vote. You can get info on voting  and a link to register an account here

Once you have a registered etsy account, please visit this page to vote for my entry

Thanks for all your help. Also it is important that you only vote once otherwise Etsy reserves the right to disqualify an entry that they feel is trying to stack the deck with multiple votes from one person. Please help me pass this along and get as many votes as possible by sharing with your friends and families. Thanks in advance. You guys rock.

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