Friday, January 8, 2010

Wow! Its been over a month since my last post. First of all Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday. The holiday celebrations were postponed around here because it was just too crazy trying to help take care of dad and everything to do the traveling, cooking, baking, etc. Besides, its sort of hard to cook a big celebration dinner and such when you know how bad dad wants to eat but can't. So we have decided that we will have a big get together and celebrate when he can eat and enjoy everything with us.
I am finally at home for the time being. He and mom are doing pretty good with his care now that all of the surgery sites have healed and the trach is gone. The only thing left now is the feeding tube which is about to drive him nuts. I know that he can't wait to get rid of that thing. Unfortunately, the speech therapist said it would have to stay until he can safely swallow enough to maintain his weight and nutritional needs. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
I am trying to get motivated enough to get back to the shop and get some jewelry pieces made. The stress and physical demands of caring for dad and being away from home for over a month  has really got me down physically. I am really exhausted and my arthritis and colitis are both flaring up really bad. Maybe I will be able to get back on schedule soon. In the meantime I appreciate everyone's kind wishes and prayers. Hope to talk to you all again soon.


niftyknits said...

Look after yourself, sounds like you're going to need your strength. Happy New Year.

janaes jewels said...

Just want to send my thoughts and best wishes your way as you struggle to regain your footing whilst taking care of your family.

Hang in there!

mistyridge said...

Thank you all so much. Happy New Year. I hope that things are going well for each of you. I look forward to getting everything back on track. Most of all I hope that dad will continue to heal and progress well with all of his rehabilitation and such.