Monday, August 10, 2009


Yeah I know two posts in the same day, Crazy right? Anyway, so its no secret that I'm a Twilight fan and I think Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen is just.... well you know. I won't even go there cause I'm gonna try to keep this one nice and short with a little eye candy garnish. So moving on, if any of you are Twilight fans then surely you have at one point or another Googled Twilight. If you aren't a fan then let me tell you I am not the only 30-something who is smitten. You can try it and you will find sites like Twimoms and a whole slew of others written and hosted by multigenerational fans. It seems the popularity spans from tweens to infinity. And some of these sites are seriously fanatical and definitely not PG-13.

So during one of my many "mind journeys" (snicker) I was contemplating this phenomenon and was wondering why there are so many "mature" fans. I mean come on its pretty obvious where the attraction comes from with the tweens, we are talking about fantasy novels with teenage main characters and if the story line isn't enough then just LOOK at the cast of the movie. Seriously!!! But what's the draw for the rest of us? Well in the case of Edward Cullen specifically, I think its just that he is so devoted to Bella for one thing. We all want someone to want us with that kind of sincerity right? Then there's the fact that every time he opens his mouth he says just the right things. And let's not forget the danger factor for some reason the bad boys are always the ones we want. And lastly, the choice to cast Rob Pattinson as EC for the movie was the move that sealed the deal. C'mon just look at him.

So ok yes he is a total cutie but he's still a baby right? So what is it about him that has moms and housewives all over the place claiming temporary insanity? Well, I think maybe its nostalgia and a little bit of familiarity. I followed this train of thought and found a few pics of some other classic bad boy heartthrobs. Take a look and tell me if you see the similarities or have I just totally fallen off my axis. **Warning eye candy garnish follows*

Rob Pattinson, James Dean, Elvis Presley

EP , JD , RP

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