Friday, December 10, 2010

Aspiring Metalsmiths Project Blogroll - So many techniques so little time

Each month my Etsy team, The Aspiring Metalsmiths, does a blogging project where we choose a specific topic and then everyone writes a blog post addressing the chosen topic. This month's topic is  "The technique I want to learn next". Oh my goodness, I could probably write a novel on the is topic. Being completely self taught and having only recently began my adventures in metal work, there's an endless list of techniques that I desperately want to learn. So after alot of going back and forth I have decided that there are actually two techniques that are a tie for the technique that I would most like to learn next. I can't really put one higher on the list than the other so I'll just share some examples of each technique.

The techniques I want to learn next are known as flush setting and foldforming.  Flush setting involves taking a small faceted stone and setting it in metal in such a way that the top of the stone rests flush with the surrounding metal. For example notice how the stones in this ring by myheartmonster are set directly into the metal of the rings band.

In order to do this technique successfully, one must have a few special tools. I have asked Santa to bring me these tools for Christmas so perhaps I will get to try this technique in the new year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The other technique that I would love to learn is known as foldforming. This is a technique in which sheet metal is folded, hammered and manipulated in various ways to give the resulting piece three dimensionality and shape. Here are just a few awesome examples of this technique.

This technique doesn't require any specialized tools. All that you really need is a hammer and a vise and a good pair of earplugs probably wouldn't be a bad thing. So I might tackle this one first. I will try to keep you all posted on my successes and failures as I embark on teaching myself yet another new way to manipulate metal and make pretty little trinkets. Wish me luck.

Now take a few minutes to see what my teammates want to learn in the new year. I'm sure it will be an interesting mix of techniques and you might just find a new favorite artist. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't even think of fold-forming. I'm with ya on that one!

Anonymous said...

ugh - it kept my old personality.. cheeseheadwithsticks is TheFrogsPond! :) lol

PPennee said...

Looks like you and I have the same wish for the same tools at Christmas- maybe we can learn flush setting together over the Christmas break.

Gayle said...

I would love to try the fold-forming. I've only seen copper used. Can sterling be used as well?

mistyridge said...

yeah pennee maybe we can share pointers with one another. I really want to learn flush setting really bad.

SilverBlueberry said...

Love the post! I'd love to learn foldforming..

Woojoo said...

I'd love to try foldforming. Your examples are beautiful. Does one need stakes? What will you form around to make the ruffles and such? I look forward to seeing your projects.

Proud member of Aspiring Metalsmiths

Domartello said...

A hug.