Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Up

Well we got some good news. Dad's pathology report came back totally clear which means they were able to get all of the cancer during the surgery. The lymph nodes and everything were negative. God is good. As for the shop and blog and all of that I am trying to work on new pieces for a show at the end of the month. I will be going to stay with my mom and dad for a few days so I will be away from the shop without any internet access until I get back home so I plan to put the shop in vacation mode. I will be able to take some of my jewelry making supplies and tools and work on some wire wrapped pieces. Hopefully when I return home I will have a few new pieces ready to post in the shop. I have been working on some new etched designs and playing around with some enamels so I am pretty excited to share those. So just bear with me for the next couple of days until I can get mom and dad settled at home and make sure that they are comfortable enough to be alone. Please continue to send your good thoughts and lots of prayers their way. He still has a lot of healing and rehab to do yet. Thanks for all of the well wishes and for keeping us in your thoughts. Talk to you all soon.


Amadora Designs UK said...

I am glad that it's good news about your Dad, it is so stressful going through the tests and waiting for results, so well done for coping

littledeadmommy said...

That's great news and wondeful of you to give them a hand.