Monday, October 19, 2009

Meandering Monday: Quick Update on Whats Going On In the Shop

Good Monday Morning Everyone,
I hope this Monday finds you all well. Today's post is just a quick update on whats going on around here in the shop, studio, and some personal things. First of all as always I want to thank everyone of you for your continued interest in my blog and etsy shop. I appreciate each and everyone of the followers and the wonderful interest that you all have shown for the blog giveaways. By the way there is still time to enter to win the Pink Tourmaline and Sterling Silver ring from
Janaesjewels. You can click here for a direct link to the giveaway with the description and entry rules. Also I have another great donation for a giveaway from Judy at which I plan to start on November 2nd so check back for that one as well. Remember too, that each Friday I will be featuring an Etsy shop so take a few moments to get to know the wonderful artists that run these great shops. Ok, I think that is all of the blog related news.

As far as the studio and shop go, I have several new design ideas a brewing. I plan to add some new copper items soon which I think you all will like. For now I am keeping them a secret. LOL I know the suspense is just killing you all. However, I have added a couple of new pink items for the Think Pink campaign that I am running for the month of October to help support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. I have other pink items on the way and will continue to add them throughout the month of October.

You can see all of the pink items currently available by using the search term Pink in the search box at the top of my shop homepage. I will be donating 15% of my total sales of all pink items during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen foundation so please help support this great cause.

This month is also my one year Etsy anniversary so I will be offering 15% off the purchase price of any one made to order item purchase in my shop beginning today October 19th and ending on Saturday October 24th. Just enter the promo code "happy birthday" in the message to seller box during the checkout process. I will refund your 15% savings to the card you use via paypal or directly to your paypal account. To see all of the made to order items that are currently available simply use the search terms made to order in the search box at the top of my etsy shop homepage. I will be adding additional made to order items throughout the month so if you don't find something you like right now check back often for a greater selection.


Ok enough with the business mumbo jumbo right. LOL. So we took a little vacation last week to sort of get away and recharge the old batteries so to speak. We had a pretty good time. The weather was a bit yucky on Wednesday but otherwise is was very nice and sunny and warm. Things have been so crazy around here lately with my dad's cancer diagnosis and my grandmother developing congestive heart failure that we REALLY needed to take a break and get away for a while. Things are going to get hectic again in early November. They finally set a date for my dad's surgery for the 6th so I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for him. I pray that he will have an uneventful, successful surgery and a very speedy recovery. He also needs your prayers for strength and courage to face this trial. He is very nervous and  scared, as anyone would be, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. Remember my mom as well. She is an exceptionally strong woman, but I know that she is worried and anxious as well.
Well I guess that's all for now. Thanks again for all of your support and interest. Catch ya later.


nomadcraftsetc said...

Thanks for the update! You are one busy person! Have a great week!

mistyridge said...

thanks nomadcrafts for your interest in my shop and my blog. I feel like I am running in circles most days. I still don't get everything done that I would like to. Good luck with the giveaway drawing. thanks again for entering.