Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Survived Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all had a glorious holiday. I know for me the holidays are always way crazy. I have so many dinners to attend that it is hard to get them all packed into one day. But I was thinking about this and complaining about being so busy running from house to house when it dawned on me that I should stop. I realized how truly blessed I am. I am fortunate enough to have a family that loves one another and wants to spend time with one another.

So I quit my whining and I gave thanks this year for being so busy. For having the opportunity to spend another Thanksgiving with my parents, brothers, nieces, my precious grandmother, and friends. Three of my four grandparents are not with us this holiday season and I miss them terribly. I wonder many times did I let them know just how much they meant to me when they were here. So the moral to this story is: slow down, breathe, look around you and see the people that you have in your life. Take the time to enjoy their company and make sure before you depart to go back home, to your everyday routine, that you tell them just how much you love them.

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Me too...I survived it too! Food was great..hope at least that it was good for you? Happy Thanksgiving!